As of today, the rates for the year 2024 have been implemented in the CBR reservation systems. This means that you can already plan exams for the coming year. Here are the rates for 2024:

  • Theory exam motorcycle (A), car (B), moped/moped car (AM): €48.00 (an increase from the current rate of €41.00).
  • Practical car exam (B, BE): €136.50 (compared to the current rate of €125.75).
  • Practical exam truck (C, C1, CE, C1E) and bus (D, D1, DE, D1E): €261.55 (compared to the current rate of €244.45).
  • Health declaration medical assessment: €44.50 (as opposed to the current rate of €41.00).

Private exam fees show an increase of 8.5 percent, while professional exams (CCV) show an increase of 7 percent. This adjustment is in line with the average increase in the consumer price index between August 2022 and July 2023. For private theory exams, a surcharge of €3.50 will be applied in 2024 to cover the costs incurred for fraud control. The CBR adheres to rates that cover costs and are determined on a non-profit basis.

It is notable that the rates for professional exam products, in accordance with the advice of the Central User Council, will be increased by 7.0 percent, instead of the original 8.5 percent. This adjustment reflects the milder recession that the transport and logistics sector has experienced over the past two quarters, which means that the cost increase cannot be fully passed on to customers. The CBR recognizes the crucial social and economic role of this sector.

The rate increases are partly the result of the increasing costs for combating fraud and securing the question banks. The surcharge of €3.50 for private theory exams is intended to cover part of these additional costs. Measures such as the purchase of handheld scanners, the deployment of additional security guards, new ID scanners and cybersecurity initiatives contribute to increased protection of the question banks against fraud.

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