Terms and conditions


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The general conditions of driving school Eerste remain fully applicable with these conditions power.

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  1. The gift voucher cannot be converted into a cash amount. It remains a voucher.
  2. The gift voucher in name is also valid for the specified person and is not transferable.
  3. The student must be ready for the exam to be taken. Being ready means that the The student has sufficient level and driving skills to be able to take the driving test. The Instructor assesses whether the student is ready for the exam.
  4. The student must complete his/her complete training (40 or more .) at the First driving school driving lessons) and the student must be a beginner. Less than 40 driving lessons no discount is given.
  5. The student undertakes to keep a good record of the number of lessons taken on the lesson card provided by the driving school. When applying for the exam, the completed lesson card will be shown to the administration of the driving school.
  6. The student must pay the costs for administration, use of to pay for the car and self-declaration yourself.



  1. The driving school only gives the free exam if the student is ready. To be ready means that the student has sufficient level and driving skills to pass the driving test can take. The instructor assesses whether the student is ready for the exam.
  2. The driving school has the right to refuse the exam requests if:
    – Driving school judges that the driving skills are not yet sufficient.
    – The student has not yet paid for the full course.
    – The course month or longer has stopped with driving lessons.
    – The student has not appeared at previous appointments without logging out.
  3. The student must have taken lessons at a driving school and not at another driving school can demonstrate with the help of a completed lesson card or BOVAG lesson agreement.
  4. The exam is requested by the driving school or instructor (with completed lesson card). In consultation with the instructor, the exam time and date will be discussed and the student will receive the call card by e-mail.
  5. A free exam is not exchangeable or transferable and cannot be exchanged in front of money or free lessons.

Free Re-exam

Driving lessons has convincing instructors and teaching method. If you don’t the first time pass your practical exam after you have followed a number of lesson advice, the driving school your 1st Re-exam. after you have taken number of lessons that the instructor has you advised in your personal lesson advice, we will pay your 1st re-examination. The exam guarantee applies to every starting student (that is someone who has no experience and has never driven) who has taken a trial lesson.


  1. The student has fully completed her/his driver training at First from start to finish at the same instructor.
  2. Student followed the instructor’s advice
  3. The advice of the driving instructor, the number of lessons and the lesson period, followed at the relevant instructor and that the training is completed within 1 year.
  4. The driver training must not have been interrupted for more than 2 weeks in a row that the student has taken at least 2 or more lessons per week with no breaks in between.
  5. The free re-examination applies if the course advises the driving instructor number of lessons that would be needed for improving failed subjects. has purchased.
  6. The student must report for Free re-examination within 14 days after she/he has failed e-mail the results form as proof, which the student will receive from the cbr a day later administration.
  7. Additional costs the student pays the administration costs (€20)/use vehicle during the exam. of €65 and self-declaration if necessary.
  8. After the interim test, the student has gone through the formulation of advice with the instructor or went through the instruction and the improvement points have been met.
  9. Interim test is mandatory for free re-examination

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