Always request the exam in consultation with the driving school. That increases the chance of success. So it is better not to go against the advice of the instructor, but take an extra driving lesson if necessary. The instructor is a specialist and knows exactly when you are ready to drive.

You can contact BOVAG via the help with complaints tool.

Yes, anyone born on or after November 1, 1994 can participate in 2toDrive. You can register at any BOVAG driving school. There are 1,000 across the country, so there’s always one near you. 2toDrive is an experiment of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and will last six years. Then it can become law.

From your 16th birthday you can already take the theory exam, six months later (at 16.5 years) you can start with driving lessons and as soon as you are 17 you can take the practical exam. Until the age of 18 you can drive with a coach next to you (think of applying for a companion pass!) and after that you can go on the road independently.

Is your driving school going bankrupt and do you have prepaid lessons or lesson package credit? Please contact the BOVAG Guarantee Fund via or 010-7534250.

BOVAG zorgt voor een passende oplossing, zodat jij je geld niet kwijt raakt. Je hebt daarvoor de onderstaande documenten nodig:

  • Een bewijs van betaling
  • Een ingevulde BOVAG Lesovereenkomst, voorzien van jouw handtekening
  • Een ingevulde (BOVAG) leskaart

Vraag hier dus altijd naar als je begint met je rijlessen, dan weet je zeker dat je geen enkel risico loopt.

If you have passed your driving license B (passenger car), you will receive a so-called points driving licence. The points driver’s license is valid for five years. If you do not commit any major offenses during that period and you do not cause serious accidents, it will automatically be converted into a definitive driving license. However, if you make a mistake three times, you have to hand in your driving license and retake the theory and practical exam.

A 2toDrive coach must be at least 27 years old and have had a B driving license for at least 5 years. The coach may not have been convicted of serious traffic violations in the past 4 years. And of course it goes without saying that the coach may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the coaching. You can specify a maximum of 5 coaches. They are listed on your companion card. You can request a pass at

No that is not allowed. Once you have passed, it is only allowed within the Netherlands to drive a coach car as a 17-year-old.

If you take driving lessons at a BOVAG driving school, you can count on expert instructors, well-maintained vehicles, insight into your progress, a reliable lesson agreement and a good pass rate. You can also fall back on the BOVAG Driving School Guarantee Fund. This way you can be sure that you can always complete a prepaid driving course at another BOVAG driving school, if your driving school goes bankrupt.

BOVAG sets high standards for the success rate of all affiliated driving schools. However, it can also happen at BOVAG driving schools that the score is lower than the permitted average. For example, the driving school can specialize in giving driving lessons to non-native speakers or students who have difficulty learning. Often these students have to take exams a few times.

On average you need about 41 lessons to get your driver’s license. But that may of course be different for you. The costs for the lessons also include the costs for the theory exam and driving. The total price of your driving course therefore depends on the number of lessons and the number of times you take the exam. But don’t just look at price. When making your choice, also pay attention to the success rate of a driving school. That’s not the ultimate solution, but it does say something about quality. At a BOVAG driving school you can be sure that the success rate is always around the average in a region. Feel free to ask or look at You can also search online for reviews from other students.

How many lessons a person needs depends on several factors, such as: motivation, age and absorption capacity. According to Bovag Average you need about 41 lessons to get your driver’s license. During an intest, you get to know the instructor and get a 90-minute assessment ride. Based on this, it is assessed how many lessons are needed to obtain the driver’s license. It remains an indication!

An Interim Test (TTT) is a test that is taken by an examiner of the CBR. The TTT is administered in exactly the same way as a real practical exam. It is a good opportunity to get used to the driving test and to take away any nervousness. Statistics show that the chance of passing an interim test can increase by twenty percent. Click >>> video between time test!

You will know exactly what your compact driving lesson package will cost after the trial lesson. We provide very careful advice. Of course this remains an indication, but you can stick to our advice if you unexpectedly do not pass you can appeal to your exam Guarantee

see conditions Free exam

How quickly you want to get your driver’s license is purely dependent on yourself and the time you have to learn. The more lessons in the week, the faster you pass. We recommend starting with 2 or 3 times a week, if you want to go quickly, it is wise to follow an emergency driving course.

All conditions for eligibility for the free re-exam guarantee are stated on our General Terms and Conditions.

You can see all the conditions for a free exam in your general terms and conditions.

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